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A day of fishing on the famous Klamath River and its tributaries is truly an unforgettable experience. Your professional fishing guide knows the hot spots and takes you there in a comfortable, roomy drift boat. Deep runs and productive riffles are punctuated with stretches of adventurous white water which adds exciting but safe interludes.

Your boat lets you fish the far side of the bends, along the cliffs and in the middle water - stretches completely inaccessible to bank fishermen.

Wildlife is everywhere, from the soaring osprey and the majestic blue heron to otters playing in the shallows and graceful deer pausing to drink the cool waters . . . and when the steelhead strikes, your rod comes alive as the flashing form breaks the water in leap after spectacular leap. They are the hardest hitting fish of them all, and they're waiting for you in the waters of the Klamath River Country!


At certain times of the year, the steelhead are joined by the annual salmon run. They are found in the lower Klamath, the Smith, the Eel, the Salmon and the Chetco Rivers. All are familiar to your guide, who will put you in the right spot for takle-busting excitement!

Klamath River Outfitters provides an eight hour fishing day down one of several prime stretches of river, each between seven and ten miles in length. All tackle is provided and you'll be in a safe McKenzie River Drift boat with plenty of room for two husky fishermen and your expert guide.


You'll need a valid fishing license, and any liquid refreshments you desire. You may bring your lunch, or we can supply it for a slight additional cost. The weather can be very changeable, so be sure to bring rain parka, rain pants, rubber footwear nad warm clothing. If you desire, you may bring your favorite fly rod or spinning gear, however, we furnish top quality equipment at no additional charge.

Bonded and licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game.

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