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Klamath River Outfitters can help make your vacation a truly memorable experience. Whether it is a day or two or weeks, we can make complete arrangements. We furnish guides, tackle, equipment, boats, rafts, kayaks, and meals. If you prefer, we can direct you or make arrangements for you at local motels, R.V. Parks, bed & breakfast, housekeeping cabins, or campgrounds either the commercial type, with hot showers, or beautiful forest service campgrounds, or you can choose your own from the places listed below. So take a break from everyday business boredom and find some unusual adventure. We can make it happen for you!

A day on the river
brings on a man-sized appetite.

Places to Stay and Eat.

In OrleansAlong the River
Forest Service Campgrounds - Ask Us! (Reservation not needed). In Somes Bar In Happy Camp

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